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Orange Kitten Kitty! It was meowing like crazy when I was out for a walk, so much that you could hear it an entire block away. Each shot was so adorable, and I was planned on only having the really cute photos as the largest part and… well I guess I stuck to that mostly.

The top photo is my FAVORITE. Third larg photo down is super suave kitty, so that’s my second favorite shot.

Same flowerbed as before, but focused on the yellow flowers that had more flies and small bees on it.

*EDIT* Oh, and a blue flower that I forgot to post, heh. They apparantly spread really fast, so these lonely two are now in a huge clan of blue flowers, and they even spread to the other side of the street. All Hail The Blue Flowers!

Oh, and also, my Let’s Play show RushtheFort has turned 1 Year Old today! We have a new banner and icon, and posted three Wind Waker: HD videos today of the Wind Temple! Also, we revamped our tumblr page, so go check it out! /plug

As I was walking home I found a small patch of flowers in one of those gravel roads that cut in the middle of some blocks. There was an assortment of insects, honey bees, some flies, etc. They were all collecting pollen from the flowers of course, and payed no attention to me. Because of this, I was able to take some pretty nice action shots, such as when this bee flew away from the flower.

This flower in particular is really cool with the pattern it produces with it’s strange red stems. If you enlarge the photos (by clicking on them, as I’m sure you already know), you can see the pollen in some of the shots. I find that super cool!

This was also the same day

Photos of Birds!

I even caught a few photos of a baby female Cardinal getting rid of it’s baby feathers (as per it rubbing its face on the branch), and when it finally saw me, it even calked its head pretty cute.

There was also a perfect spot for taking photos of bird playing in a puddle, but only one was around when I came back from walking a dog, still turned out pretty nice though!

And lastly, the crow at the end had an evil hunch that I thought cartoons and shows only had ever exaggerated.

Frog-Head Firework! It’s one of our favorite ones to get each year. Unlike last year it didn’t catch fire, but still made for some nice shots.

It’s face just looks like it’s saying “I have seen the end of days”.

Also, this is my final fireworks post for this year yaaay, it’s over, it’s all over! I can finally post some of my awesome shots I took yesterday!

We tried out best to defeat the Godzilla firework by trying to light it in an epic battle of fireworks. We pitted tanks, cars that emitted so much fire from their hoods apparently, Robo-Dogs, even put a fountain-firework between a couple of rocks and aimed it straight for the dinosaur. But it still would not light on fire!

It became utter chaos trying to light this, and all seemed hopeless. In the end layed destroyed cars, tanks, our best technology. All in rubble as the beast stood in the carnage.

Also almost done with these firework photos jeez I’ve been wanting to post some of my most recent stuff but just a few more posts.

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