HEY, I’M PUMP[‘kin]

Took me about two hours, mainly to carve the face and around the eyes and mouth. The hair only actually took a couple of minutes! I used my Game Grumps Egoraptor t-shirt for the design, and honestly I traced it pretty weird, but the carving itself was pretty great if I say so myself. I would give it a ten out oooofff….. naw I’m just kidding it’s Mycaruba.

I didn’t have time to do a Danny/Ross/Jon etc. ones, and I probably should have used Arin’s ghoul face from Game Ghouls, but oh well. I had fun carving this and my hands are numb from the electric tool I was using.

Oh! And also, on that note, I used an electric tool that I put my carving knife thing in, and basically made it RAM the pumpkin over and over really fast in order to get the hair! I did this for the face as well, but I shaved it to be more even for there.